Decide What Type of Party You’re Having

The first thing you should analyse is the place, “What kind of area is it and what style of party would work well in the space”. Inviting too many people for the venue is a bad idea, the room will become crowded and not enjoyable for your guests, but also, you don’t want a space that is too large or the room will look empty. You also want to consider what entertainment you would like at your event. “Do you want a live DJ? Would you prefer a live band? Do you want some activities for your guest to enjoy?” Each of these different forms of entertainment requires different amounts of space. Once you have planned the above you can move on to other aspects of your party.


The invitation sets the tone for the party. If you receive a hand-written invitation then you would probably expect to attend a classy, sit-down dinner function with guest speakers. If it is a Facebook invitation then you’re more likely attending something a bit more toned down. When creating your invitations keep this in mind, you never have a second chance to make a first impression.sample_formal_invitation


One thing all parties have in common is that they want to me memorable. Nobody wants to host a party that people forget by the next week. Of course, you will do your best to entertain your guests and leave a positive impression but photography is always a good idea to help those out with worse memories than the average person. A great alternative to a traditional photographer is hiring a photo booth. Photo booth rental is growing in popularity and offers a lot of entertainment to parties. Due to the modern and sleek design of photo booths they are perfect for almost any type of event.

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